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Sarah Hirini  MNZM,  Captain New Zealand Sevens.

"Penny has helped me a lot in my career but also in being a better person..."

" I've become a better athlete. I've been able to focus ... mentally, spiritually and physically and produce everything to the best of my ability ...."

Ruby Tui

2019, World Rugby Women's Sevens Player of the Year, 2022 World Rugby Women's 15s Breakthrough Player of the Year

Penny is the most amazing lady you will ever meet. She is the real deal, I owe this lady so much. Penny has done endless work with our family and without her, life wouldn't look as happy and good as it is now. Penny is the most supportive, understanding, loving lady, who really will get you through whatever your situation is. Penny never gives up on getting to the core of what is really going on, she comes back to you straight away once she has started working with you, checks in on you. Penny is simply the best healer from my experience will not find anyone better. Much love Penny and a million thank yous, forever grateful ❤

Tracy W, Papamoa, NZ 

Callum Rogers Testimonial Photo.jpg

I went to Penny with severe anxiety and not being able to even manage the simple task of driving. As soon as I walked in I felt a sense of calming and safe.

After my session with Penny I drove home and have been out doing things I never would have done a week ago she fixed me and for that I am forever grateful thank you so much. 

Callum, Tauranga

"Penny has helped me a lot in my career but also in being a better person..."                                             


Sarah Hirini MNZM Captain New Zealand 

Sevens .

"If there was one word I could use to describe Penny, it would be caring..."


Michaela Blyde , New Zealand Sevens and World Rugby Womens Sevens Player of the Year 2018. 

My husband and I made the courageous leap to try “something different”... “healing” in 2017 after having injuries after injuries and being indecisive about our future plans. The best thing we ever did was meet with Penny! It was totally out of our comfort zone but from positive recommendations from friends and colleagues we contacted Penny. She is the most loveliest person. No judgement and so skillful/professional in what she does and believes in. We’ve used affirmations from her that we will use for life. We’ve up and moved our little family to the other side of the world (career opportunity) with her support and we still have distant healing sessions with Penny regularly on FaceTime when we feel stuck, need reassurance, when we’ve fallen off the wagon or when we simply need an outside opinion/guidance! Thank you so much Penny for your affirmations, daily tweaks to our routines, healing us mentally and physically, your honesty whilst being so caring along the way. You’re a bloody legend. Highly recommend folks. Special special Lady & the best HEALER!

Kayla Akhi, World Rugby Womens Sevens Player of the Year 2013.  

"Penny has helped me to find peace and balance and we continue to keep in regular contact as she supports and keeps me on my desired path. She has a gift and I feel truly thankful to have found her when I did."

Anna, Bethlehem, NZ

"Penny has been a massive influence on my life and has really 

helped me get through tough times ..."          

Niall Williams, New Zealand Sevens. 

"Thank you Penny for your amazing gift, ability, insight and knowledge. Healings for myself, Jack, and many family members and friends have increased my trust in you. Will continue to forward your details to people l meet whom would benefit from your many years of experience. Thank you for crossing my path. It was meant to be and very rewarding."


Sue L, Mount Maunganui, NZ

Working with Penny literally made my life take a 180 turn and has brought me so much inner peace & belief in myself. I’ve been working with Penny since October 2018 both in Papamoa and in distant healings from Australia. The most amazing, beautiful person who has guided me through big changes to create the life I dreamed of & become the person I aspire to be. Even outside of a session Penny has always been there & had my back! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to make positive change. Without a doubt would not be where I am today without Penny & so blessed to have found her! 

Anne T, Paengaroa, NZ 

I recently attended several of Penny's energy healing clinics and thoroughly enjoyed them. Penny is genuine, kind, intuitive, clairvoyant, and very knowledgeable about her craft. Penny also helped me with energy healings both in person and from a distance. Both were very effective and I found Penny to be 'spot on' in everything, making some very difficult situations and transitions a lot easier to manage. I would recommend Penny in a heartbeat.


Teresa R, Coromandel, NZ 

The work that Penny does is amazing, I have recommended her to family members and friends and will continue to do so. ❤

Helen E, Mount Maunganui, NZ 

Penny came to the rescue when our young son was very sick in hospital with an infection and antibiotics were not working! Within 24 hours he was dramatically improved! 48 hours later he was out of hospital and home. Since then I have visited Penny many times. Sometimes for healing and other times for guidance. Whilst pragmatic and down to earth, Penny is like an angel in her ability to heal, rebalance, guide.... Through one on one sessions and her Soul School she has helped me develop and trust my intuitive self. Through my work with Penny I have developed so many useful tools, that I now use to direct and maintain good energy in my family and professional life. Thank you Penny... for all of your input and for being so amazing at what you do.

RM, Tauranga, NZ 

"I feel absolutely blessed to receive distant healing from Penny. I called one night in severe pain and Penny began to send me healing energy. Immediately I felt a sense of calm and the pain instantly lessened. For me this was a true miracle as nothing else I had tried before relieved the pain I had experienced. It is hard to put into words Penny's work but I would highly recommend healing from Penny to anyone in a heart beat"

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