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“Belief systems are now being defined in the language of physics and other sciences. But science is not saying anything new. It is simply restating those views that were understood in different words and symbols thousands of years ago."    Rob Tober, Space Time and Beyond

How Remote Healing Works Energetically

Most of our current technology requires the transfer of energy over long distances. Millions of phone calls, txts, emails, data, all these energy transfers are sent from one side of the planet to the other daily, all travelling huge distances in milliseconds, and it being taken for granted that they will all find their proper recipient without fail.
And they do.
More recently science has been studying and accumulating evidence around the real and well documented effects of the sending of Healing those same distances. The science based terminology is quantum entanglement. What Einstein termed… "spooky actions at a distance”.
Remote healing, also called, Distant healing is the transfer of high vibrational healing energy from the healer to the recipient by way of high intent, the healer accessing and working with the Energy body of the client.

You can apply the same confidence in knowing that distant healing is an effective solution to your issues as you do in knowing that call you're making to the other side of the world will connect you with the exact person you are calling.And in the same way the recipient of that call has to answer it, the client has to allow the healing to take place. 

The healer chooses to have the purest of focus on the recipient and certainly in my case, as that healer I ask for the perfect healing of the entire body and mind for my client.
None of us know fully what is going on within us, so it is important to ensure that my clients receive the best healing for every part of their being, not just the issue at hand.
Distant healing,- is as effective from one side of the world to the other as it would be if the client was lying in front of the healer.How the client physically feels the healing occurring differs with every healing and with every client, and is very much dependent on their sensitivity to energy shifts and changes.Client's feedback ranges from experiencing a slight heat, tingling, pressure, right through to a feeling of floating, and a shift in their internal organs. All of these sensations are usually short in duration and are never harmful but just evidence that healing is taking place.But in saying that, many do not feel the healing when in progress, but rather the benefits of it a short  time after.
Each healing is unique, with each presenting different symptoms and required outcomes.It doesn’t matter if your issues are around, -emotional or physical pain, injury, energetic overwhelm or the myriad of other ways we can become ‘under the weather’, energy healing can provide relief.Quite often I have been able to heal ongoing issues that have remained without diagnosis, simply due to the understanding that we are energetic beings, so the answer has to lie within our energy. We are just energy, and when this energy has been negatively impacted by our thoughts, environment, state of mind, injury or events then it becomes  disrupted or unwell. My healings remove this dysfunctional, unwell or damaged energy and replace it with perfectly functional energy.
The results are quite amazing, in both the speed of recovery and how light and positive the client is left feeling.  Pain usually leaves the body if not instantly, then within a very short period of time. But Healing is always a matter of free will and therefore I can not heal clients that have an emotional tie to their issues that they are not ready to release.  I tend to link in to my clients energy and check this isn’t the case prior to a healing session. And If I feel there is some barrier to healing then it may just be a time issue, an event that they still want time to mull over before releasing it or grieve through, and this will be conveyed to the client.
  This ensures the best possible outcome for clients and gives them an understanding of what they need to do to allow me to achieve the best result for them.
My belief around all my healing is there is always a perfect time. For entrenched emotional barriers an intuitive counselling session may be necessary to ascertain what is creating the core belief that is holding the client back from healing.Time and distance have no relevance to the outcome for the recipient with the client free to carry on as normal throughout. 

You can book a definite time for the healing or receive it without it being time specific.

Intuitive Counselling


Every thought and emotion has an energy to it...And they will either Strengthen or Weaken you.


So many of my new clients find their way to me because they are feeling stuck within their lives, unable to move forward with any confidence. Fear of taking that first step of change, or even knowing what that change needs to be.  

Part of what I offer to my clients is an intuitive counselling service that will lead to the discovery of firstly, why they are stuck and then the finding of strategies to alleviate the problem.


Ongoing unhealthy or unsatisfactory relationships, financial issues, constant un-wellness, or just 'bad luck’, the everyday things that keep us maybe not unhappy but certainly not happy, right up to the very self destructive patterns we see occurring in our lives.All of these states of being are created by the way we think of ourselves and the world around us. Our repetitive words, beliefs and responses are what create our reality.And these things are sometimes not creating how we want to live or be but rather keeping us living unhappy and small lives.Intuitive counselling shows you how to create your right life without the angst, it gives you the confidence of knowing you are in control.


Intuitive counselling can be done in both clinic appointments or by Skype/Facetime/Messenger Video if required. Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out more. 

Disruptive and Negative Energies

I fully understand how the acknowledgement around negative spirits or entities sounds. But  more than ever my time is being spent in clearing people, houses and businesses of these most distressing and disturbing energies.

They range from misguided and just hesitant to move on to where they should be to quite dangerous. 
They don’t discriminate, they can attach to anyone at any time, culture, ethnic group, religion or socio economic groups are not relevant to them, but rather they are very eclectic in their choice of host and homes. 
I have become increasingly aware over the years that so much of our mental health issues can be attributed to the presence of these energies. Easily evidenced with how many begin to heal once they are removed.

Everyone takes on energy every day that doesn’t belong to them. Throughout our days we interact with others who may be stressed or negative and we carry this energy when we leave their environment and can’t be avoided. It’s just part of our day to day lives. Regular energy healing and clearing can eliminate this overwhelm that we find ourselves in far too often. Reducing those feelings of stress, anger, unwellness, anxiety, that general melancholy.
However, having negative energies or entities within our energy is different and should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid the symptoms worsening as they take over more and more of the person they are sitting on or around. If you feel things aren’t what they should be have a look at the common symptoms listed below. This of course is not a comprehensive list but will give you some insight into those that I see most often.
Not every bad mood or short depressive state is the influence of negative energy but it's not uncommon that this could be the cause if the symptoms persist. Drugs, prescribed medication or otherwise and/or alcohol can be a catalyst for these annoying and harmful energies to find their host. I believe a clearing or healing is always a sensible first port of call when seeking a solution to these symptoms and issues.

Consistent unexplained tiredness, bad tempers, irritability, violent moods or unexplained change of personality

Nightmares or night terrors

A sudden need to be disengaged from family 

Unexplained feelings of hopelessness or depression

No clear direction in life

Sudden tendencies to violence or arguments

Unexplained ongoing illness

An increase in accidents

A general sense of not feeling yourself

Sudden unexplained illness

Negative Energies within your Home or Business
Our homes, and our businesses,  like ourselves, have a tendency to become unwell from time to time. Usually when there has been stress or negative emotions, illness, death, divorce or conflict playing out within our day to day surroundings. There is normally no conscious awareness of the change of energy within our environment , but the easy way to recognise these changes and the need to have the negative energy cleared is by checking for any of the following indicators.


Does this sound like your home?

Onset of nightmares

A general lack of energy in the house
Unexplained sense of unease

Constant bad luck within the house 


Persisting problems such as lack of money or relationship problems where there haven't been. 

Persisting problems such as lack of money or relationship problems where there haven't been. 


Frequent illnesses in the home
Completion of tasks becomes a struggle

Persistent unexplained tiredness

Does this sound like your Business?
A swift and unexplained drop in business turnover or clients

Machinery or technology breakdowns 


Unexplained staff illness 


General feeling of lack of motivation 


Unexplained losses


Constant financial problems 


Staff conflict

Energy Healing may be based on ancient knowledge, but the modern scientific proof to support it is overwhelming. To find out how

my services may work for you please contact me to discuss.

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