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"When I signed up for Penny's healing course I had no idea I would learn or become aware of as much as I did..."


A Place of Spiritual Learning and Knowledge

2021 RGB Soul School The Uncommon School
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Soul School was established by Penny in 2014 with Alumni that come from vastly diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures. Students learn together from Penny in a like minded environment where the 'silly' question is often the best of the day.


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"Kia ora
So I did a weekend healing course with Penny and absolutely loved it 💖💖. Everything that was shared really resonated with my wairua but what I enjoyed the most was when we practised what we learnt over the weekend. I was a little sceptical at first and hesitated going but now I can't wait to practise what I've learnt and walk fully into my gift. thank you Lord for all your blessings and acknowledge your love. nga mihi Penny and Paul."

Rawinia -  Bay of Plenty

"Just walked in the door from the most mind-bending weekend workshop with Penny Green. After receiving many amazing healings from Penny over the past year, I signed up for the course with the intention to gain a deeper understanding of her healing processes ..... I love to learn, and in no way was I expecting to come away with the realization that I infact have the ability to & can heal others.
There was a perfect balance of theory + hands on practice. The group was so supportive & encouraging + a ton of fun & laughter ..... I can't wait to see what we all achieve in the future! Thank you Penny & Paul for the awesome job you do spreading love & light"

Tracy - Tauranga

"Penny's healing course is fabulous, its great being able to learn practical techniques and how to apply them to your every day life. Even though I'm only a beginner I love being able to provide healing to loved ones and Penny's guidance along the way helps you get better and better each time. If you're interested in learning about or becoming a healer this is the course for you."

Taryn - Christchurch  

"When I signed up for Penny's healing course I had no idea I would learn or become aware of as much as I did. Penny's open and brutally honest personality allowed her to deliver the course content in such a way that I didn't want it to end! So much amazing information followed by a chance to implement all that we learned in a safe space. I loved every minute of every class and it left me wanting more...I highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in healing. See you at the next course because you can't get enough of something so good."


Toni  - Bay of Plenty

"I attended Penny's healing course earlier in the year. I learnt so much about energy, the aura, chakras and about myself in the process. The psychometry was awesome, being able to read off objects and photos, an amazing experience and an eye opener to what we are capable of when connecting to Spirit. I highly recommend this course,

Penny is so knowledgeable and a joy to learn from"


Mandy - Tauranga 



"Penny is nothing short of a miraculous person and healer. I have had healings on several different occasions - with several different issues - and those sessions have been very therapeutic, inspiring hours of my life that has made complete and utter sense to me as an individual. 

She communicates beautifully around the topics of the self and spirituality (very down to Earth) to bring about more clarity in understanding your self and all fields of life. Penny has helped me mostly with personal energetic issues and intuitive counselling, this resulted in me taking her course and of course it was absolutely incredible. The course gave me skills and practices I will use throughout my daily routine and entire life. I consider this to be one of the most beautiful and transforming learning curves I have had the pleasure to experience.

Also, massive shout out to Paul who is equally as incredible if you are lucky enough to meet him while visiting Penny. Much appreciated are the conversations and all that you do behind the scenes! 

I would and do trust Penny whole heartedly in her profession, skills and abilities to help individuals and families beyond any ideal outcome or expectation - she exceeds them all immensely."
Thanks again Penny and Paul. 
Shannon - Thailand 

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Visit here for more of what Pennys clients say. 

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