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In the over 8000 healings that I have conducted, no two have been the same.
We are all very unique in our Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual state at any given time, therefore we will all have very different healing needs.
We are triggered and impacted daily by different emotions, people and situations that affect our health, state of mind and wellbeing,  so just healing the issues of the moment will not ensure ongoing good health. If we do that, we are very likely to find ourselves repeating those same emotional, mental and physical patterns over and over.
This is why any significant transformational healing has to identify and redefine our repetitive damaging responses. The why of how we keep ending up in places where we feel unwell, anxious, unhappy, lost or attracting negative energies, events and people.   
My intent is to not only heal the energy of the Body and Mind, but to give effective and safe strategies to help you move forward in life with far less bumps in the road and to allow you to rediscover your joy.


To this end I offer a wide range of integrated healing modalities both Spiritual and Emotional to ensure a complete and holistic healing is created for you.

To find out more contact Penny Green directly or click here to read more.


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