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Penny Green


As one of New Zealand's leading Spiritual and Energy Healers, I have been blessed to witness positive and life-changing outcomes for thousands of my clients during my years in practice. Over this time, I have come to believe that one of the most fundamental things you can do to bring about much-improved health and wellbeing is to work with the Chakra system.


Our Chakras have such a profound influence on how we feel on a day to day basis, both physically and mentally, that when the Chakra system is working in all its power, balanced and connected, it will allow negative behaviours to diminish without effort.


To this end, I have created this Online Chakra Healing course. This course will give you an in-depth knowledge of the magic of the Chakra's and by the end of the course, you will be able to effectively, simply and above all else, safely balance and re-establish the Chakra system into a healthy and vibrant state.


Through the Course Notes and the Instructional videos, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last ten years and learn the strategies I have incorporated into this course to energetically boost the level of emotional and physical healing that can be attained. 

The Balancing and Strengthening of the Chakras, as taught in this course, is a great way to dip your toes into Energy Healing and start developing your natural clairvoyance. It is something you can use for your benefit, for your children and family, or, perfect for practitioners wanting to add extra benefit for clients and explore the positive outcomes that Chakra Balancing and Healing can achieve.

The Online Course 

The Chakra Healing Course is available online for NZD$75 and includes the following materials written and presented by Penny Green. 


  • Forty Three Page Full Colour PDF of Instruction and Explanation including Affirmation sheet for each of the Seven Chakras

  • One Course Introduction Video 

  • Eight Instructional Videos (Total Runtime 30 Minutes)

Penny Green Chakra Healing and Balancing
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Chakra Selenite Crystal and Penny Green's Chakra Oil.

On the Use of Oils and Crystals when Working with the Chakra. 

For thousands of years we have been aware of the healing, protective, and energy balancing properties of what is available to us in our natural surroundings. 

The use of crystals and plant based oils have proven themselves to be so effective in their abilities to keep us well not just energetically but mentally, physically and emotionally that cultures throughout time have sought them out. 


The Chakras are just one of several energy systems that run throughout and around the body, but as one system is affected negatively they all are impacted.  


To be able to balance the energy coming and going through the chakras to then feed into the meridians is a big step to balancing the body, the use of oils and crystals to boost that can not be set aside. In fact these resources can be used to unblock frozen and submerged energies all over the body. 


The simple act of laying the Essential oil bottle on the body for 5-10 seconds is enough to start moving frozen or submerged energies which is truly an amazing feat.  The vibration and natural properties are absorbed into the bodies energy and the positive impact is measurable. To unfreeze or surface these energies without the help of the oils can prove in some instances time consuming and difficult. The oils will also strengthen and lengthen the effectiveness of the clearing process. 


The use of the crystals, in this case the Selenite will heighten the vibration of the process, therefore changing the outcome significantly. 


Why Selenite

Every healing will have different requirements.Everyone has a different energy and different issues within that energy.  


With that in mind choosing the right and most beneficial crystal for anyone can be a long and involved process but in my experience Selenite offers a vast array of relevant properties that will assist and boost the work you do with all chakra. 

Properties And Uses of Selenite 

  • Stabilises erratic energy 

  • Clears confusion

  • Aligns the spine

  • Defuses pain

  • Regenerates Cell structure

  • Removes energy blocks

  • Protective, detaches entity

  • Clears negative energy in the aura

  • Heals heart energy 

  • Calms and helps to balance the physical body

  • Cleans energy in its environment 



Just holding selenite to a painful area of the body can assist in dissipating the pain. 


Selenite offers us properties that are all necessary for us to feel better. 


Chakra Oil 

After years of observing and playing with the body’s energies I have evolved the application of different essential oils for use with Chakra work to a blend that performs for all Chakra. This simplifies the process giving more focus to the hands on work and less to the complication of several oils. 



It is not always necessary to apply the oil directly to the skin. Simply laying the bottle on the area of the Chakra for 5 to 10 seconds is enough to gain the benefits of these Oils. If direct application is preferred then a drop is ample to obtain desired result.  I suggest this be done prior to the healing starting to ensure flow of the process. 


The Selenite, as you are working with one type of crystal throughout it simplifies the process by simply moving the crystal up the body to the Chakra that you are working on. 


The crystal can held when the healing is complete to weave figure 8 ’s up and down the body to further strengthen you have done. 


The Chakra healing process is explained in full within the video’s supplied. 



Penny Green Chakra Healing Selenite

Kia ora, So I did a weekend healing course with Penny and absolutely loved it 💖💖. Everything that was shared really resonated with my wairua but what I enjoyed the most was when we practised what we learnt over the weekend.
I was a little sceptical at first and hesitated going but now I can't wait to practise what I've learnt and walk fully into my gift. thank you Lord for all your blessings and acknowledge your love. 
nga mihi Penny and Paul.

Rawinia -  Bay of Plenty

Penny is nothing short of a miraculous person and healer. I have had healings on several different occasions - with several different issues - and those sessions have been very therapeutic, inspiring hours of my life that has made complete and utter sense to me as an individual. 
She communicates beautifully around the topics of the self and spirituality (very down to Earth) to bring about more clarity in understanding your self and all fields of life. Penny has helped me mostly with personal energetic issues and intuitive counselling, this resulted in me taking her course and of course it was absolutely incredible. The course gave me skills and practices I will use throughout my daily routine and entire life. I consider this to be one of the most beautiful and transforming learning curves I have had the pleasure to experience.


Also, massive shout out to Paul who is equally as incredible if you are lucky enough to meet him while visiting Penny. Much appreciated are the conversations and all that you do behind the scenes! 

I would and do trust Penny whole heartedly in her profession, skills and abilities to help individuals and families beyond any ideal outcome or expectation - she exceeds them all immensely.
Thanks again Penny and Paul. 
Shannon - Thailand 

Penny Green Chakra Healing
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