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Due to the nature of Energy Healing, remote sessions are as effective as the in person sessions, with the added benefit of me being able to spend more time over a longer period if I feel the body is becoming overwhelmed with energetic change. 


I have many clients across the world who regularly make use of this service in times of need or periodically to maintain their personal wellness balance. 


No two healings are the same, with some being more complex in nature but the type of healing I offer will always include 


  • A clearing of overwhelm energy. This is usually one of the most prolific energies I find common to all clients. A reflection of the way in which we live in this time

Most are unaware of the real impact that our past experiences have had on them. 


  • Relationships that didn’t end well

  • Childhood trauma

  • Abuse sexual physical or emotional

  • Termination or miscarriage

  • The emotional toll of sustained anger, guilt, shame, sadness.

  • Divorce 

  • Death of someone near

  • There are infinite ways In which we can experience trauma, the energy of which stays    within us until removed. As part of this healing those experiences and people will be energetically lifted from your system. 


We are daily bombarded with toxin which all play a part in our un-wellness. Alcohol, smoking, heavy metals, medications, environmental toxins, even the toxins produced by stress build up all put strain on our body and it’s natural healing ability. 


Many clients come to me after radiation or chemotherapy to help ease the sometimes significant side effects of these treatments. 


  • An energetic de-tox is part of your healing 


The Chakra play a very significant role in your wellbeing, emotionally, physically,  spiritually and of course physically 


By way of example when just the root chakra is out of sorts you may experience.

  • A full balance of the 7 main chakras is part of your healing 


As there is a significant amount of negative energy taken from the body’s systems it is of course important that it is replaced with positive, fresh energy.  


  • Filling your body with fully functioning healing energy as part of your healing will leave you feeling light, positive and feeling restored. 


I offer a short conversation prior to your healing if it is being done remotely to discuss any specific issues you are experiencing or would like to cover with the healing. 


Spiritual Energy Healing Session

  • About this Service

    Location - Remote or at Pennys Clinic in Manly, Auckland

    Duration - 60 - 70 minutes

    Cost - $150

    Available Days - By Appointment

    Contact Penny Here if you have not already confirmed an appointment date and time.


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