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More Tapping For Children and Teens

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Every child big and small faces daily challenges. Some can be brushed off wiithout a second thought and some just stick and never leave. Tapping allows kids to take control over their own emotions and to reduce the intensity of how these experiencest leave them feeling.

Through adult eyes some of these challenges might be seen as insignificant, but to the child or teenager going through them they are anything but insignificant

For a child/teenager feeling disconnected or alone is easy, parents are busy and that busyness can get lost in translation.

Parents seperating and alienating children against the other parent can be the motherload of confusion and can create such a huge sense of rejection and betrayal in our children.

Peer pressure, bullying and having to keep up socially can sometimes be overwhelming and leave kids feeling lost and without direction.

Sometimes it can just be the smallest of arguements with a friend, or not passing an exam.

Tapping is an easy, effective and non invasive strategy so they can just hold their power and allow the feelings to pass without the intentisty of the emotional connection.

I taught Addy at 4 to tap and she uses it regularly even today as you can see. Life throws curve balls now and then and how we learn to respond to them will either allow us to fly or hide in our self made cages as we grow into adulthood.

So like Addy says why not just give it a go. Flying is so much the better choice,

Penny x

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