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Tapping For Children and Teens

After a lot of requests to help children and teenagers with their daily challenges this is our first response.... Addy, our presenter and my Grand Daughter, will be adding to it as we go. Help your kids help themselves in the same way I have taught the wonderful Addy.

Our kids see, hear and experience a lot in a day and a large part of that ‘a lot’ can be negative.

Bullying, stress, sadness over parents separating, anxiety, fears of failure and peer judgement. Kids are resilient, but resilient only means we don’t get to see a lot of what sits inside of them and stays there through life.

If you feel your children could do with some strategies to allow them to let it go and find their feet then contact me.

Tapping allows children to take control over their own well being, emotional and physical, without being forced to tell their stories. Every child should be taught this simple method of self help.

It is a tool they can use for life.

Penny x

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