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Welcome! Throughout my 18-year journey conducting over 8,000  healings, I've come to understand that each of us is extraordinarily unique – our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states are constantly shifting  and as such, our healing needs are ever-evolving, with our well-being being continually shaped by the emotions, people, and situations we encounter daily. Addressing only the issues of the moment won't suffice for lasting wellness, as we often find ourselves caught in repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour that undermine our health, wealth and happiness.  

True transformational healing must go deeper – identifying and redefining the root causes behind our damaging responses. Why do we keep ending up in places that leave us feeling unwell, anxious, unhappy, or attracting negative forces into our lives? My mission is not merely to heal the body and mind's energies but to provide you with effective, safe strategies for moving forward with fewer obstacles, rediscovering your innate joy.

I offer an integrative range of spiritual and emotional healing modalities, ensuring a complete, holistic experience tailored to your needs. After all, each of us walks a unique path.


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My name is Penny Green, and the winding road that led me here has been an fascinating journey in itself. As a healer, I believe our abilities and possibilities are truly limitless – which is why I'm constantly striving to elevate my clients' experiences and outcomes, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in healing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological dis-eases that ail us.

Ever since realising my gift of communicating with spirits and souls was not universal, I've devoted myself to honing these skills daily, perfecting my craft. Life's trials have been my training ground, each lesson and experience offering deeper insight into the human condition – illuminating the blocks, limitations, and expectations that so often constrain us.
I've come to believe that healing complex physical, emotional and psychological issues is made vastly more powerful when guided by hard-won life experience and understanding. Which is why I've always maintained that I cannot truly heal others until healing most of my own blocks and limitations first. This pivotal realisation led to the formal establishment of Distant Healings in 2014.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been gifted the ability to facilitate healing for people worldwide through energy work alone, including remotely viewing locations thousands of miles away – a humbling reminder of the amazing capabilities we all possess when we reawaken to our true nature.

Dark work – clearing negative entities, energies, and attachments from people, homes, businesses, and environments – also makes up a significant part of my calling and work, alleviating profound suffering for thousands along with their families and communities.  

At my core, I hold the strong belief that every individual is more than capable of redefining their life's path, their aging process, their healing journey – crafting it to perfectly suit their needs and desires. It simply takes the willingness to unlearn old patterns and relearn new ways of being – a choice that is always ours to make.

As part of my ongoing commitment to uplifting humanity's growth and evolution, I created Soul School – a place for the curious to develop their innate clairvoyant and energetic abilities. Abilities we all possess in abundance as children, before the magic and wonder of our true nature becomes obscured by limiting beliefs and conditioning.

I live in the stunningly beautiful Manly on New Zealand's Hibiscus Coast, just north of Auckland, with my forever love and husband Paul. His unwavering support and partnership make this sacred work possible.

I warmly welcome you to this space of healing and growth. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about how I may best assist you on your journey. I look forward to connecting.

Much love,

Penny Green Energy Healer based in New Zealand
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