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My name is Penny Green and like all of our lives, how I ended up where I am today, doing what I do makes for a very interesting story .


I have been healing now for around 15 years,  and feel incredibly fortunate that I have been given the skills I need to do the large range of Spiritual work that I offer.  


As a healer I don’t feel you ever get to a point where you should plateau In your skills or your learning.  We are limitless in our abilities and possibilities, and part of the responsibility of doing what I do is to constantly better my clients experience and outcomes. To push the limits of what is possible in terms of healing, not just physical but emotional and spiritual unrest and disease. 


So from the time I had the epiphany that not everyone was communicating with spirit or souls that had passed in the way I was, I have been honing my skills and perfecting my craft on a daily basis. 


Penny Green Spiritual Healer Distant Healings

Penny Green 

It has forced me to stand back and completely reassess my belief system around the way we are living in these times and why we feel we have to follow the path we do when it may not be relevant or helpful to who we are.  


My life has served up some pretty serious lessons and experiences, which, from the arial view, now gives me further insight and understanding of the human condition and what creates the blocks and limitations we set for ourselves. Our expectations of our lives and others.  I believe that healing people of complex and sometimes difficult issues, both physically and emotionally is made significantly more powerful when the understanding of those issues comes from life experience . 


I have always held the unquestionable belief that I could not and should not heal others until I had healed myself of, if not all, most of my own blocks and damaging limitations, with Distant Healings then being formally born in 2014. 


I have been blessed to have been given the skill of healing people of their health issues from anywhere worldwide, and have a large number of clients in many countries that contact me for regular sessions encompassing a vast range of needed outcomes.  Working with energy is magical and viewing people and places that are thousands of kilometres away is just one example of what truly amazing beings we all are when we remember what we are capable of. 


Sometimes I’m not so sure of how fortunate I am in dark work being part of my calling, but again, as part of my training ground this is something I have had a vast amount of experience in. The need to clear or remove entity, bad energies, and negative attachments from people, homes, businesses and our environment makes up a significant part of my work. Understanding that not all ‘mental illness’ is not what it appears to be, but is in fact created by energy that doesn’t belong to the client, or psychic attack, has allowed me to alleviate suffering from many people, their family’s and environment.


I have always held the strong philosophy that any individual is, with the right tools and strategies, more than able to re-define their life, ageing process, and healing to perfectly suit themselves.  It is a matter of unlearning and relearning, something we all have a free choice to do. 


As a part of my commitment to human growth I also created Soul School, which has been established to educate those that are curious on how to develop their natural clairvoyant abilities. Something we all have in abundance, but which gets inadvertently buried as we grow from that wondrous and open state of childhood into adults.  The school regularly runs courses, that include Aura, psychometry, tapping, tarot reading, healing, mind body work, and understanding energy. 


I currently live in Taranaki, New Zealand, with my forever love and husband Paul, who, without his unfaltering support I would be at least 3 hours behind every day. 


Again Welcome to this place of healing.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions around how best I can help you.  I look forward to hearing from you. 



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