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Next Camp

2pm Friday 13th September - 12pm Monday 16th September 2024


Do you feel weighed down by the daily grind, losing touch with your sense of purpose and passion for life? This intensive program is designed to reawaken your spiritual essence and help you embody your true self. Unlike typical self-help retreats with generic affirmations, we'll dive deep to uncover the unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and layers of conditioning that hold you back from living authentically.


Through transformative practices and profound inquiries, you'll systematically shed these inauthentic layers to reveal your core truth.This journey won't be easy - it will challenge you profoundly. You'll be disrupted, undone, and then carefully guided to realign with your highest values and rediscover an unbridled joy for living. Like the mythical phoenix, you'll arise as the empowered creator of a life in harmony with your soul's calling.


Penny won’t just skim the surface. She will immerse you in experiences that dismantle your resistances, allowing you to surrender to your natural spiritual unfolding. This isn't about chasing transcendent bliss states, but grounding your spiritual essence as a vibrant, ecstatic expression of being in the here and now.

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Transport yourself back to the carefree days of childhood school camps in a picturesque Coastal setting. This spiritual boot camp offers a nostalgic experience reminiscent of days gone by, where you can unplug from the stresses of modern life and reconnect with nature and self-discovery.


Expect simple lodgings, outdoor activities, and plenty of communal bonding for an authentic reprieve from the daily grind. It's an opportunity to embrace your inner child while nurturing your spiritual growth.

Less theory - this immersive journey gets hands-on. Through interactive experiments and energy play, you'll transform your Spiritual and Energetic reality in real-time. Core beliefs, limitations, every facet of your metaphysical self gets explored through fun, engaging activities. Less lecture, more lived experiences sparking major life changes. You'll reshape and reinvent your spirit through a magical, ridiculous blend of experiential shape-shifting!

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Unplug from the Reel World, plug into your Soul Flow
This teaching encourages you to detach from the curated perfection of social media highlight reels and instead embrace your unique journey with all its messy beauty. Learn to find joy in your own path.

Anchors Away - Releasing the Energies That Weigh You Down
In this teaching, you'll learn to identify, sit with, and ultimately release the dense energies and patterns that have been anchoring you in place. Through questioning and powerful energetic work, we'll shine a light on the core beliefs, thought loops, and emotional charges keeping you stuck. With compassion, you'll then gently unhook from these outdated encumbrances, creating space to elevate to new heights of freedom and lightness of being. An ‘anchors away' experience to spiritually shed weight and set sail toward your highest potential. Finance - Relationship - Health issues

Perfectly Imperfect - Embracing Your delicious Flaws  
Discover how striving for perfection is a myth that robs you of power. This session helps you reframe perceived flaws as delicious human quirks that make you perfectly imperfect and whole.

Impostor Syndrome and Why We Need It
Counter to conventional wisdom, this teaching explores how some self-doubt can foster humility, curiosity and continued growth. Find the balance between crippling and motivating impostor feelings.

Finding Your Lane and staying In It
The I Am teachings - and losing the need to be all things to all people.

Emotion Commotion - Decoding the Language of Your Feelings
No more dismissing emotions as good or bad. Develop profound emotional literacy to understand what your feeling states are trying to communicate from your soul.

Intent - How Magic Really Works
Explore how intent is the root engine of true magic. Go beyond wishful thinking to materialise dreams through focused, aligned intention and energy.

Conscious Creation - Crafting Your Reality
Learn to curate your outer experience from an inner place of authenticity and self-knowledge without all the fuss.

Psychometry - Not Just an Energetic Party Trick
Learn how to energetically "read" souls' stories and histories contained within objects. A fresh take on this life changing ancient psychic art.  

Aura Aura around Us All - The Endless Wisdom of the Aura
Amp up your ability to perceive auras and use them as truth-tellers. Discern fibbing and incongruent energy from those sharing their authentic energetic essence.

The Diamond Inlay - Polishing your Multidimensional Brilliance
The next level of ascension work to uncover and integrate all your soul's multidimensional facets and aspects into harmonious wholeness and radiance.

Relationships and Sex - decrypting Love’s Energetic Codes
Relationships are a dance of intermingled energy fields. This work helps read layers of information in connections to better navigate energetic dynamics with partners. More love and understanding, less confusion and conflict

And did we mention the Mediterranean Diet that is on Offer throughout the 3 Days ?

The Spiritual Boot Camp runs between 2pm Friday 13th September and concludes midday Monday 16th September 2024


It will be held at the Dearsley Cottage located at the Peter Snell Youth Village, Whangaparaoa, Auckland. Peter Snell Village offers a short onsite walk to a secluded cove as well as offering a host of activities we will  for you to challenge yourself with and enjoy including a 'Burma' Trail, Mud slide, Archery, Firepit, Target Shooting, activities to challenge yourself and build some amazing memories.

If you feel that resonant spark calling you to live as your most vital, awake self, this life-renovating journey awaits. Enrolement is now open, so secure your place to embark on this catalysing event and book today or contact Penny for more information

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