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 Resilient Minds Navigating Anxiety with our Kids

Following our very successful first workshop in March , our next workshop will be held on 18th and 19th May 2024.  Read on to find out more and download your registration form.

Navigating Anxiety

A Transformative Family Experience

Presented by

Penny Green and Anton Van Dyk

Embark on a meaningful journey with your child to learn how to navigate anxiety and build resilience in our bespoke retreat. Here, we blend practical psychology with the transformative power of energy work, creating a space where your family can navigate challenges smoothly and emerge stronger together. Empower your child with the opportunity to navigate anxiety, paving the way for a future filled with confidence and resilience.
Discover a Day of Transformation for both you and your child.

You have the option to participate in the ‘Child & Parent Experience’ on Day 1 (most popular) or choose the ‘Parents Only Experience’ on Day 2. Alternatively, you’re welcome to join us for both days!

Retreat Features:
Expert-Led Sessions: Engage with an experienced psychologist and a skilled energy healer who both bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to address anxiety on multiple levels. With thousands of hours of client experience under our belt, we have a thorough understanding of the complexities we face. Our innovative approach is tailored to transform fear, anxiety, and doubt into excitement, joy, and purpose, guiding you towards a more fulfilling journey.


Interactive Parent-Child Dynamics:

Strengthen your familial bonds through purposeful activities that enhance communication, understanding, and mutual support. Parents and young people will understand their worth and responses in various situations – recognising that they have the power in choosing how to respond to life’s diverse experiences, both expected and unexpected.

Holistic Approach:

Explore a blend of mainstream psychological strategies, energy work techniques and wairua/spiritual well-being approaches, providing a comprehensive toolkit for managing anxiety.

Energy Healing Tools:

Experience firsthand the transformative power of energy work, offering a safe and effective alternative perspective on stress and anxiety management.

Psychological Education and Tools:

Empowering your family with the tools and knowledge to understand and manage anxiety as a team, fostering resilience and well-being. Aiming to break down stigmas associated with anxiety, promoting a more informed and compassionate approach.

Limited Spaces Available!

Secure Your Journey to Resilient Minds and join us for a full energy reset experience, where both you and your child can emerge with renewed vigour and sense of worth, ready to face life’s adventures with confidence and enthusiasm.


For inquiries and additional information, contact us at:

Anton van Dyk                                     Penny Green
Phone: 0223 515 984                         Phone: 021 075 8265

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