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Intentional Living 2024

Intentions are a very misunderstood concept. Spiritually and energetically they are the actual bending of energy, the real magic in life. When formed well and given the faith they deserve intents are what create your life. 

In fact all creation begins with setting intentions. 

Few do it intentionally, but even if you don’t realise it your'e setting them in your mind before you do anything and everything.  This inner nudge is the seed of all growth. 

The moment we have that nudge and the intention is set, the Universe sets in motion its very powerful energies.

We are setting intentions on a minute by minute basis every day, even if it is to self sabotage, become unhealthy, find the wrong relationships. The firm belief that we will always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, that we are incapable of financial success or freedom, that our relationships will always be lacking, even those murmurings of I am unwell, they are intentions. They come from a much deeper place than goals. 

So to consciously set intentions that are there to uplift you, give you positive growth and leave behind the very things that have kept you trapped in a life less loved you firstly need to unravel who you are, what truly matters to you and why.

Writing by hand rather than tapping away at the keyboard will always prove to be the more powerful way to set any intent. Energetically putting pen to paper allows you to really anchor the intention into matter. 

Remember there is no rush. 

Sitting quietly and even meditating on what you want and why helps you tune into who you are, what your soul desires are and your purpose here on this planet. If you're not great at the mediation thing then just sit quietly and write everything that comes into your mind. By keeping asking the question WHY do I want this and writing what comes to mind, things will become clearer on a deeper level. 

The Universe responds to emotion, the stronger the emotion and feelings your intention evokes the better. Emotion creates very powerful energy movement. 

Stay within yourself, these intentions are about what is essential for you, what you desire your outcomes to be. 

Life should never be entrenched in one aspect. I have clients that work long hours, have no creative time or interests, and just scrap by on the love side of things, and they are unhappy. There is always time for every aspect of your life to be fulfilling once you understand and acknowledge what you want that to look like. 

So maybe start by dividing your paper into 5 sections, to ensure you cover off everything that makes you complete. 


Health and Body

Personal - that will include spiritual and mental and creative aspects



Write as it comes, don’t block anything. When you have finished writing then go back and highlight the words that glow up at you. 

Intentions should be exciting, they should inspire and uplift you and not be the things you feel. You ‘should’ ‘could’ or ‘ought to’.  Those words are the ones that ensure we do not complete. 


Ok Question time - these have been designed to help you find your feet, and start to feel into the I AM that may have been hidden for a while. 

Personal Mental Spiritual Creative 

By answering these first you have a tool to measure whether the other aspects of your life are taking you closer to or further away from your spiritual and energetic connection . 

  • Who is the person I intend to evolve into?

  • What qualities do I desire to embody?

  • What qualities do I believe my soul desires? 

  • In what aspects do I want to grow?

  • What personality traits and habits are no longer conducive to my well-being?

  • How can I take better care of inner self?

  • Have I been attending to and allowing my creative side time?

  • What creative pursuits truly ignite a sense of joy in me?

  • Which of these pastimes would I like to incorporate into my life?

  • What areas of my personal life do I currently feel out of control. 

  • To realise my aspirations, what must I release or relinquish?

  • How will I feel when I have I have created my intentions?


  • Are you in the love relationship you want right now

  • What kind of relationship do you desire

  • What are your true values in life

  • Does your current relationship align with some or all of these values. 

  • What are the areas of your false beliefs that create your relationships 

  • I’m not enough 

  • Im too much

  • Everyone leave me sooner or later

  • No-one understands me 

  • I’ll always be broken

  • I dont deserve to be happy

  • I have to people please to earn love 

(These false beliefs will help you understand the aspects of yourself that need to heal and change. 

  • What kind of friendships do I want to create. 

  • Is it time for a change?


  • What relationship do I currently have with money?

  • What kind of relationship do I want to have with money?

  • How do I want to feel when discussing money?

  • How do you want your finances to look in one year? - be specific put a number to it. 

  • Is it time for a change?

Your Body and Your Health

  • How do you feel about your body today?

  • Is how you feel about your body real or is it based in self hate?

  • How do you want to feel about your body?

  • What are the self care rituals you would like to put in place in your life?

  • What are 3 measurable steps you can take to feel better about yourself?

  • Do I believe that self healing is working naturally within me?

  • Is it time for a change?

Work and Business

  • How do you feel about your current work or business?

  • Do you come home at night feeling uplifted about your day?

  • Do you feel work is something that just has to be done to pay the bills or do you love what you do?

  • When was the last time you learnt something new about your work or business or took a course totally unrelated to what you do now?

  • How do you feel about your work balance?

  • What was it you wanted to be when you were a kid?

  • Is it time for a change?

When you're done and have set those intentions around what you will now create, pick one word that reflects what you want to happen this year. 

Hope, expansion, joy, growth, knowledge, vision, clarity. Find a word that resonates with you.

Keep it posted on your fridge, mirror or anywhere else you will see it often and repeat it daily.  This will embed the energy within the word and start pulling it towards you. 


Intentions aren’t goals, they are deep and powerful and are the magic of life

Write down your intentions, writing is powerful and stirs energy into movement. 

Keep them handy so you see them daily

Take the time to celebrate every win, when you complete the creation of any intent, celebrate and feel the emotion of gratitude. 

Intentions are you co creating with the Universe. They are always listening and waiting for you to decide what it is you want. 

So be clear, feel it, see it, be it. 

And if you feel the itch for growth and expansion but need some help then click here and have a read through the transformational change courses I am running from Feb. 2024 should be your best year ever, it really is your choice. 


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