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Finding that Illusive Purpose.

Finding purpose is one of the consistent reasons that people come to see me. That sense of

dread associated with feeling that life is meaningless, that time is being squandered with no purpose attached to it.

The ‘what am I supposed to be doing’ question

Finding the deeper meaning behind our existence has seen infinite souls embarking on that journey of spiritual awakening, all hoping to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around them and to find their unique purpose in being here.

What is the point of being here?

Am I squandering my time?

Questions I hear daily

I am sure there are plenty of books outlining a road map for finding the answers, there usually is, but to me, I feel this

Your purpose Lies in Your Happiness.

Find your happiness and the purpose will be within it.

The world has a tendency to tell you through every avenue that everything has to be difficult, that it all takes hard work, but that is simply not true. You can make it hard work, that is freewill, but to me, if you are doing what makes you happy then that is what you are here to do. It may go against the grain for people around you, it may be outside the box, or squarely in the box, it doesnt matter.


We are not all here to be famous, or wealthy or find the cure for cancer. Although all those things sound amazing. But we most definitely all have a job to do, something no one else can accomplish. It could be your purpose is to raise your kids in the way only you can. Sometimes it’s to be the bus driver that shows care and respect for his passengers.

Infinite souls and infinite purpose. If you're a lawyer, maybe you're here to make sure justice is seen for just one person. Everyone plays a part in the jigsaw puzzle that is the Universe, and whether you know it or not, you are making a difference every minute you are on the planet. Who's to say what the world would be without you.

But all of these things come about from a sense of happy, a sense of joy and a sense of love.

If you are working 3 jobs and are exhausted, grumpy and over it, then yes your off-track . Your disconnected from spirit, living in lack and probably frustrated and wondering why the hell your here. That is clearly not your purpose.


A lot of people tell me they just want to be happy.

But the hard question for them is

What does happiness look like for you?

What makes you happy?

And that’s when It all starts coming unstuck .

Finding your purpose will always remain illusive until you find your joy, your bliss, your dharma, when you find that, you will know who you are, why you’re here and with any luck, stop at nothing to chase that purpose.

I can’t find your purpose for you, although many have asked. But what I can do is give you some tools to push you in the right direction.

Firstly the reasons why you may be a little blocked on this journey. Even being aware can help you start pushing back on some things

  1. Being stuck in a time and space because you are spending your moments, hours, days, months focused on the past and how that has affected you.

  2. A quiet or not so quiet fear of failure

  3. An upbringing that taught you that following your passions and creating them wasn’t your priority or for that matter acceptable

  4. A feeling that you need permission from those around you to do whatever it takes to realise your dreams.

  5. Prioritising others needs before yours

So how do you start to make the change into your happy place.

Stop Talking to the World and Start Talking to Yourself

  1. Spend some time with yourself. Self awareness, even noticing how you're feeling throughout the day will help you to understand the events, experiences, places, and people that you like and dislike and will start planting the seed of needed change.

  2. Write, I know that can offer some challenges, but it doesn't have to be epic, it doesn’t even need any grammar, it’s for your eyes only. List the things you’ve always wanted to do better, and because no one wants to clean the toilet better, your list will be filled with things that you’ve been putting off, but have had a strong desire to get closer to.

  3. List your values, the things that you need in your life, honesty, integrity, time, money (money is an important value, if you don't value it, it will stay away), loyalty, sexual pleasure, it doesn't matter what it is, get acquainted with the things you somehow vaguely in the back of your mind know you need.

  4. Spend a few hours in mindfulness. Notice your morning routine, what you drink first thing, your space and how comfortable you are (or not) in it. Notice who you're mixing with and how they make you feel. Notice your repetitive thoughts. Make a list of the things you love and those that make you feel off.

Just spending a few days going within and noticing you, will firmly place you on the path to finding your happiness and ultimately your purpose. Self awareness is the perfect first step to finding that happiness.

And now for the inevitable Questions

Spend time on the answers. There are no right or wrong ones, just go within and find what feels right for you.

When you have completed them all, sit with it, because if there was ever an easy road map to find your bliss and your purpose and the I AM then it could be this.

And don’t forget once you have figured out what makes you happy, do not look in your wake, just keep moving towards having it in your life every day. That is why you are here.

Question 1

Who or what brings me joy?

Question 2

Who would I be without my fears?

Question 3

What am I normally doing when I lose all concept of time?

Question 4

What did I love doing most when I was a child?

Question 5

You believe you only have six months left this time around to experience

all that would make your life perfect. List what you would do.

Question 6

Think about the person who most inspires you and list their qualities

Question 7

Who or what makes you feel most like yourself?

Question 8

If you were the best magician in the world what would you be creating?

Question 9

If you were asked to donate 10 hours a week to a cause what would it be and why? How does it feel to be involved with this cause?

Question 10

How do you want to feel day to day?

Question 11

Your future self writes you a message about what you’re doing, how you’re spending your time, and who with. What would the message be?

Question 12

What comes naturally to me, when do I feel most aligned?

Question 13

What’s asking to be released from my life?

Question 14

What message do I get all the time that I ignore?

Question 15

If I could do anything without others or my perceived barriers being acknowledged what would it be?

Question 16

If you walked into a room and heard a conversation about yourself what would you like it to sound like?

Question 17

What help if any do I need to do what I have decided to do?

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Much love

Penny x

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