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The function of your Aura, that Electro Magnetic Field that surrounds all of us, Is in part there to keep you safe from negative energies. Thought forms, environmental and the energy of others can accumulate in your auric field and left unattended may overwhelm you.

Nora’s Aura Spray has been created as a high vibrational cleanser to rid you of these energies and allow the flow of positive energy to surround you.

Your first line of defence is your Aura and a clean and clear field is the first stop to keeping you well balanced.


Nora's is a blend of Pure Rose Otto and Lemongrass Essential Oils combined with Certified Shungite Water.  Designed by Penny Green this Spray has been created Specifically to Clean your Aura and Strengthen your Protective Field.


100ml in Glass Amber Bottle with Misting Spray cap.







Nora's AURA Spray 100ml

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