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Lavender Essential Oil -  Lavendula augustifolia 

In a world gone crazy, Lavender is the go to Essential Oil to help alleviate stress and anxiety.  It puts a barrier between us and the chaos of the world with its calming and soothing effects. The effects of applying this oil and not can be quite dramatic.  Lavender is considered the mother of Essential oils due to its veritable array of uses. Lavender is the oil of communication, it encourages and supports honest communication. Great for those times you need to find your voice. Lavender is your perfect sleep aid . 



stress, distrust, anger, fear, anxiety, agitation.



Every opportunity is placed before me.  I am at peace with my body and spirit. I am at peace with the world and all within it. I remain authentic throughout each day and remain calm and relaxed in every situation.  I speak my truth with love. 




Wound healing

Helps in the healing of minor cuts, bruises and burns.  It can also help soothe skin irritations, razor rash and sunburn. Just add a few drops to a small amount of carrier oil and apply to the area 


Anxiety and Stress

Applying a few drops of lavender to your temples may offer some relief for migraines, headaches, stress and anxiety. Alternatively add a few drops to a small amount of carrier oil and rub over body allowing the tension to fall away.  Adding a few drops to the bath water will assist in reducing restlessness and nervous tension. 


Sleep Aid

Rubbing a few drops on your pillow slip and / or bed sheets will allow you a wonderful nights sleep. 


Anti - viral

Lavender has high anti-viral properties so using it regularly will help keep away those annual illness. 



Adding a few drops to facial cleansers and moisturisers will assist in reducing acne. 



Lavender is known to improve blood circulation.  Add a few drops of oil to a carrier oil and rub onto the body. 


Also available in 5ml Size with our very special Moon Focus Set. Exclusively from Indy Naturals.


Pure Lavender Essential Oil By Indy Essentials