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Everything in life and how we progress through it depends on our mood; it decides what and whom we attract to us.


Indy was created as the foundation stone for the process of alleviating life’s ills and as such the most important and significant benefit of wearing INDY is it will raise your mood and protect your personal energy.


This amazing blend will instantly bring a sense of calm, and assist in alleviating Anxiety, Stress and Depression. It is a wonderful and natural support for us all, including children struggling with their sleep patterns, problems at school or just feeling a little irritable. 


100% Pure All Natural Essential Oils are blended at a specific ratio with Organic Golden Jojoba to create Indy. A piece of either Rose or Clear Quartz is added to this oil to raise the healing vibration properties even further.


So, if you’re feeling stuck in life with no direction You seemed to have stopped caring about things, you feel emotionally distant, you seem constantly tired, resentful or angry,  you are anxious, stressed or depressed. Give INDY a try.

INDY Pure Essential Oil Blend by Penny Green

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