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Simple Holistic Prevention.


All of Pennys Bespoke Blends, Balms and Sprays are conceived and designed intuitively Devi is no exception.  


The blend was conceived and then followed with extensive research into how we can best prevent and defeat the onslaught of disease within our bodies. This had to be in a way that didn’t just mask the issue, as pharmaceuticals tend to, but rather to actively prevent or fight the damage occuring  and to assist our immune system to combat inflammation and illness before any damage is done at a cellular level within our bodies.  


DEVI has been created to give you some peace of mind. The simple act of rubbing this rich and powerful blend of natural oils into your skin has the science behind it to allow you a better sense of wellbeing.

Most are not aware that the majority of inflammatory diseases start in the gut with an auto-immune reaction which progresses into systematic inflammation. And inflammation controls our overall health.

The Pure Essential Oils in DEVI have been specifically chosen due to their well-documented cancer and inflammation preventing and fighting properties.


Frankincense has been chosen as the predominate Essential Oil  for DEVI as studies have shown its potency as a natural cancer treatment and anti- inflammatory.





DEVI Pure Essential Oil Blend by Penny Green