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Penny is delivering two exciting workshops in Tauranga on the 6th May. We'd love you to join us.

Read on to find out more about each course where Penny is providing Knowledge Guidance and Advice around two very important topics. Parenting and Relationships.


Either workshop can be attended separately or take advantage of a day ticket and attend both.

Early bird prices apply up to 31st March. $95 per Workshop or $160 for Both.  

Morning Workshop. Love Sparks - How to ignite Your Relationship.

In this Couples Workshop, you will discover how to take your relationship to the next level. Whether you're single, married, or in a relationship this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools to deepen your connection on a spiritual and energetic level. Through a series of exercises and discussions, you will learn effective communication, overcome challenges, and transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and connection. This workshop is designed to ignite your current relationship or prepare you for a new one. You will leave feeling more connected and in love than ever before.

Afternoon Workshop. Parenting Through Troubled Times.

In this contemporary Parenting Workshop, you will learn how to nurture your child's emotional well-being, build resilience, and empower them to overcome challenges using spiritual and energetic tools.

As a parent, you want to protect your children from life's challenges, but in today's world, it can be difficult to know how best to guide them through troubled times. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of your child's emotional needs, learn how to build resilience, and empower them to overcome trauma. Through a series of exercises and discussions, you will learn safe and effective spiritual and energetic tools to help your child thrive.

This workshop is for all parents who want to support their children through the challenges of life, including bullying, social anxiety, device addiction, and self-doubt. You will leave feeling empowered, confident, and ready to support your child through troubled times.

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