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By Penny

See if you recognize any of these indicators of a low vibration.



  • You feel stuck in life with no real direction.

  • You struggle with apathy, or have stopped caring about things

  • You are emotionally distant.

  • You are emotionally reactive.

  • You seem to be constantly tired

  • You sometimes struggle with despair and desperation.

  • You have bad habits you seem to constantly struggle with

  • You struggle with chronic illnesses.

  • You feel physically unfit and unhealthy.

  • You feel resentful and angry

  • You find it hard to forgive yourself and other people.

  • You constantly feel a sense of guilt around things

  • You don’t really know what you want in life.

  • You make unhealthy choices for yourself constantly

  • You suffer from anxiety or depression

  • Your relationships constantly bring you pain

  • You are argue or complain a lot

  • You self sabotage when attempting to make good change in life

  • You struggle to feel gratitude.

  • Your diet is constantly unhealthy

"I have had some very stressful times this year and wouldn't be without it on hand now to give me a boost when I need it..." 

The most important and significant benefit of wearing IndyOil is it will raise your vibration.  Initially this is what it was designed to do and the results and feedback from clients has been amazing.


IndyOil brings a sense of calm and helps alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. It doesn’t take hours or weeks to have an effect as do chemical medication, within minutes of rubbing IndyOil into the skin my clients feel it working.


The science of it is easy. If measured the human body vibrates between 68-72 mhz. Some of the oils that in IndyOil vibrate around 320 mhz, (the highest measured vibration of a natural product). The impact of this on your body is that it raises your energy vibration leaving you feeling at peace.


The amazing healing qualities of IndyOil came as an added bonus. From cuts, bruises and insect bites, IndyOil offers relief and supports skin repair.


Oils within IndyOil have been treasured for thousands of years as defence against aging and sagging skin and as a hair serum to remove sebum from the scalp and condition hair.


The uses for IndyOil are endless.  The oil is baby and pet safe. It will assist in allowing children to sleep well and be calm in those stressful times.  Rubbed on animals it will reduce stress and anxiety especially if being left alone or being in new environments.


Your vibration will decide your outcome. That is just fact. The fact that you will smell amazing while having a much better day is just perfect.

Will assist in managing and/or alleviating




Menopausal problems


Oily or mature skin

Dermatitis and eczema

Fungal growths and infection

Depression and anxiety



Internal inflammation such as arthritis and gout.  (only use externally )


Sagging skin

Hair loss

Detoxifies the body



Coughs, colds, throat irritations

Poor circulation

Instructions for Use.


  • Use Externally only 

  • Rub IndyOil into skin from top to toe or anywhere in between. 

  • Use a few drops on chest and neck area or use as an all over body oil.

  • Rub into scalp and onto hair as a serum

  • Use as often as you like

"I just thought I would update you. Weirdly I think my digestion has improved since using the oil, I keep finding new things it makes better. " 

"Penny, thank you! Its incredible. I was a little scepticle at first that your oil would make any difference but I have definitely noticed that my mood gets better when I use it."

"Rocky (our dog) changes within seconds of me rubbing IndyOil on him. He is a very anxious dog but now he stops shaking and his tail flicks up into happy mode when he gets a dose. Thank You! "

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