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Releasing the stress, anxiety and panic

Mostly we are so used to living with stress and panic that we no longer even recognise it. In fact most of my clients when I tell them what I see within their energy deny any sense of it. In other words they have forgotten what its like to not be in these states.

Energy never lies, it is the unfortunate fact that we are living in times where we have normalised the one state we should not be in for extended periods. And it does play havoc in our lives daily.

Apart from being viral which means we infect everyone around us with it, including our kids, a constant state of panic, that fight, flight state will ultimately result in illness, emotional, mental and physical. Most certainly your immune system is harshly impacted.

The symptoms and outcomes of this panicked energy are countless, and that we have forgotten what feeling calm and in harmony with our environment feels like doesn’t change those outcomes

These really simple energy medicine exercises will help hugely, they take only a moment or two to do and the results will be apparent straight away. Feel the balance come back into your life

And for all those parents out there with kids that are feeling it, get them doing it as well. Magical.

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