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The Season of You


Next Course Opens JUNE 2023

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If you were to stop and spend just 30 seconds writing down the things in life that were holding you back what would that look like?

Constant lack of money?
Bad or erratic health?
Weight issues?
Unfulfilling relationships?
A lack of love in your life?
The inability to put yourself first?
Low Self worth?
Lack of direction?


I've been working as a healer for a long time, mentoring thousands of people across the world with the same common issue: feeling stuck in negative, unsatisfying, and repetitive life patterns, no matter what they do.

After years of experience working with people and these issues, I've developed a course that teaches the secrets of how to vastly improve every aspect of your life. This course is designed to speed up the process of moving from where you are now to where you want to be.

Throughout our lives, we've learned many self-damaging and limiting beliefs that affect us at a cellular level. These beliefs can make it challenging to make positive changes in our lives and achieve our goals.
Do you feel frustrated and struggle to make lasting changes? Do you lack direction and question what truly makes you happy? If so, there is a lot to unlearn.

The purpose of this course to to help you make transformative changes in your daily life, using techniques and tools that enhance your intuition, creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities. With this course, you'll be able to create more of what you desire while disengaging from old, tired, and debilitating beliefs and habits.

Over the course of three months, you'll be immersed in a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all committed to unlearning old habits, learning new ones, and making positive changes. This transformational journey requires dedicated effort and time, but what better way to invest your time than with a mentor and group that empowers you to take control of your life and thrive?

The course is conducted online, and includes regular Zoom meetings that cover a wide range of topics, including spiritual, energetic, emotional, and physical aspects of mind-body healing, as well as releasing unwanted beliefs. By participating in this course, you'll gain the tools and knowledge you need to create a clear path towards achieving your goals, which may have previously felt out of reach.

If you're ready to start living well and are willing to invest in yourself, this course is an opportunity to make that investment count.

Whats included ?

Prior to the commencement of the `12 week course, Penny will arrange a personalised 15-minute one-on-one session with you via video call to assess and identify your individual outcomes and objectives from the course. Subsequent to this session, and prior to the course commencement, Penny will also conduct a remote energy healing session on you.

The benefits of this Healing practice are multifaceted and far-reaching. Its primary objective is to establish a harmonious balance in your energy flow, encompassing your Mind, Body, and Spirit, thus diminishing stress levels and anxiety. Furthermore, this healing session is designed to enhance your relaxation, improve your sleep patterns, and fortify your natural immune system, ultimately leading to a reduction in pain and inflammation.

Additionally, Penny's Healing is intended to alleviate any existing emotional stress, with the ultimate aim of enabling you to tap into your innate healing abilities, fostering a deeper connection with your inner self, and opening the way for you to lead a more balanced, fulfilling, and satisfying life. This healing session normally priced at $150 is included in your course fee.


The course itself comprises a full 24 hours of teaching from Penny through weekly course sessions via zoom call.  These sessions are recorded to allow participants the opportunity to review and not panic too much with note taking during the actual session.  Videos are private and only available to course participants.

In addition to the 12 week course curriculum detailed below, your course fee also includes


  • Free Lifetime access to my Online Chakra Healing Course and future course updates.  (Valued at $75)


  • 15 ml Love Rose Otto Rose Oil  (Valued at $55)


  • The Indy Naturals Moon Oil Set with affirmations and accompanying Guide  (Valued at $69)


  • Two Certified Shungite Phone Plates (Valued at $40)


Access to Pennys Private Message Group. A place where you can go to have questions answered, discuss your progress, or reach out when times might be a bit tough,  and make new connections with like minded people.

Weekly Course Themes and Learning Outcomes
Week 1. The Path to fulfilling your intent
The first week will focus on why we hold self limiting and damaging beliefs, behaviour and attitudes.  The week will be dedicated to your discovery around exactly what these are for you.

Week 1. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the reasons behind our self-limiting and damaging beliefs, behaviour, and attitudes.

  • Gaining awareness of one's own self-limiting and damaging beliefs, behaviour, and attitudes.

  • Developing skills to identify and overcome these self-limiting and damaging patterns.

  • Creating a path to fulfilling one's intentions by recognising and addressing these patterns.

Week 2. Chakra
Our energy systems are like parts of a very finely tuned vehicle, and when running well our journey is one of safety, joy and certainly.  When that vehicle becomes out of tune, unbalanced or blocked in some way then that journey will look completely the opposite. In this case that journey is your life, and the impact of that incredible and powerful part of your energy system relies on balance and flow your health and well-being.  Your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional position are very much reliant on the 7 layers of the 7 main chakra being aligned, healthy and clear.
This week will be focused on these chakra, with you coming away with clarity around the themes of each chakra the symptoms of that non alignment and the education to rectify and heal yourself and others of these life impacting whirling pools of beautiful energy.
This week you will be given anytime access to my online Chakra Healing Course, for in-depth skills around this basic but so important part of your spiritual, energetic and emotional growth. This coursde allows you to work with Chakra in your time and at your own pace.

Week 2. Learning Outcomes

  • Recognising the impact of the 7 main chakras on one's mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

  • Understanding the themes and symptoms of non-alignment in each chakra and how to rectify and heal oneself and others.

  • Gaining in-depth, practical skills in chakra healing through an online course.

  • Learning the benefits of maintaining balance in your chakras for better overall emotional and physical health and well being.

Week 3. Tapping
Negative and damaging beliefs and fears are the root cause of why we hang onto our behaviours regardless of how self damaging and life limiting they are.  These behaviours are deeply and permanently ingrained on a cellular level, such a constant in our lives that we can and do fail to recognise our own destructive behaviours.
This week you will be focusing on releasing those cellular memories and events that created the repetitive behaviour in a fast and effective way that will not involve you having to relive and revive the drama of what instigated the damage to you.
Fear, self worth, addictions, lack, money issues, sense of not being good enough. These just sample the things we hide in our cells.
Tapping is a tool that something that can be used to release the past but also protect the future from further negativity entering your life.

Week 3. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how negative beliefs and fears can lead to self-damaging behaviours, and how these behaviours can become deeply ingrained on a cellular level.

  • Learning about the technique of tapping.

  • Gaining awareness of common issues that people may hide in their cells, such as fear, lack of self-worth, addictions, money issues, and a sense of not being good enough.

  • Learning how tapping can be used as a tool to release the past and protect against further negativity entering one's life, without the need to relive past trauma and events.

  • Developing skills in using tapping as a means of emotional and spiritual growth, and understanding the potential benefits of this technique for overall health and well-being.

  • Understanding how to release negative cellular memories and events that created repetitive damaging behaviour in a fast and effective way using tapping.

  • Recognising the importance of tapping as a safe tool to release the past trauma and protect the future from further negativity.

Week 4. Energy
This week the focus is on the understanding of Energy, both spiritually and energetically . It will include learning the skills of psychometry, the reading of energy of items, people, photos, situation.  It will give a further understanding around how to move and shift energy around your body and Auric system  How to protect yourself and others from psychic attack, from others negativity and how to navigate through life safely.
You will receive this week a 15ml bottle of my Rose Oil Blend. Love Rose Otto. This is a blend of Pure Rose Otto Essential Oil in Organic Golden Jojoba. It’s simply magic for your skin, your soul and your mood and is what I use to assist clients when they are in need of Emotional Release

Week 4. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the concept of energy, vibration and frequency and how it affects our lives

  • Learning the skill of psychometry, which involves reading the energy of objects, people, photos, and situations

  • Discovering how to move and shift energy throughout the body and auric system

  • Learning how to protect oneself and others from psychic attacks and negativity

  • Exploring the benefits of using essential oils, specifically the Love Rose Otto blend, for emotional release energy flow and overall wellbeing.

Week 5. Mindfulness Process for Positive Change
This week you will be going through a process of radical change, one where you will learn to identity the good and bad of life and shift emotional energy from your system that has been hampering you.
The process encompasses three parts and will assist you in clearing your energy so that you can build and create new within your life. We can not create new when we are full of the past. It is energetically impossible.

Week 5. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of identifying and releasing emotional energy that is hindering personal growth and progress.

  • Learning a three-part process for radical change that involves clearing old energy to make space for the new.

  • Realising the significance of being present in the moment and not letting the past hold us back from creating a better future.

  • Developing mindfulness skills that can help in identifying negative patterns and beliefs and replacing them with positive ones.

  • Learning to focus on the present moment and cultivate a positive mindset to achieve personal growth, success and intent.

Week 6. Collective Consciousness and the Lunar Influence
This week will focus on the external influences that impact your life. The planet scape and how the planets can govern global energy. The Lunar cycle and how you can work with it to better understand the self release and create through its monthly cycle.
Numerology and how your personal and age year can and will govern your direction and the themes these numbers hold each year.
Resonance and the Collective consciousness and how to work within it successfully regardless of what is going on around you.
You will receive as part of the weeks study and support our Moon Focus Set which contains the following Essential Oils
Patchouli - Lavender - Peppermint - Frankincense
The Moon Focus Set comes with a companion Guide complete with affirmations that we have meticulously put together to help you get the most out of the synergistic combination of the moon's energy and influence, along with the potent transformative compounds present in each of these Pure Essential Oils.

Week 6. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the external influences that impact our lives, such as planetary cycles, numerology, and collective consciousness.

  • Learning how to work with the Lunar cycle to release and create through its monthly cycle.

  • Knowledge on how to use essential oils, such as Frankincense, Peppermint, Patchouli, and Lavender, to enhance emotional and spiritual properties during the lunar cycle.

  • The ability to use this knowledge to gain control and take full advantage of the monthly moon energies.

Week 7. Losing unwanted habits and secret addictions
We all have them, these unwanted overly or under acknowledged habits, and addictions.
Smoking, weight, alcohol, staying unwell, the list is endless.  This week the focus will be on understanding the why of the need to stay engaged with them, and working to release them from your life, once and for all, whilst replacing them with a more healthy focus.

Week 7. Learning Outcomes

  • Acknowledgment that everyone has unwanted habits and addictions that they may struggle with.

  • Understanding the reasons behind these habits and addictions.

  • Techniques for releasing and replacing these habits with healthier behaviours.

  • The importance of focusing on long-term change and breaking the cycle of engaging in these habits repeatedly.

Week 8. Relationships and Sexuality
This week will focus on what is most likely to be one of the most time consuming experiences of your life.  Your relationships, whether it be a lack of the right one, the failure of too many, the failure of one that you can’t move forward from, or the difficulties within the one you are present in. You will learn the why and how to create something better where ever you are within the relationship cycle.
Sexuality, love it or hate it, it plays a huge part in our lives and our relationships. Whether it’s recreating that lost romance, or just outright fun sex and enjoying every minute is important. It can shift worlds.  Finding that perfect place within the turmoil of it all can change any relationship profoundly

Week 8. Learning Outcomes
Understanding the complexities of relationships and how they impact our lives
Identifying patterns and reasons behind relationship struggles, whether it be a lack of the right partner or difficulties within a current relationship
Learning tools and strategies to improve relationships and create something better
Acknowledging the role of sexuality in relationships and how it can affect both individuals and the relationship as a whole
Embracing the importance of romance and sexual pleasure in relationships and how they can positively impact overall satisfaction and fulfilment in life.
Week 9. Life purpose and income
This week focuses on the where to , the unsticking of stuck. Why am I here, what is it I want to or need to achieve. What is my purpose and how to I get there?  Now and then we all get stuck, or stale, or are floating around in the energy of Inertia, or even worse indecision.  Shifting that energy is not difficult, but it does need to shift and learning the how to, not only releases you from that place but gives you the energetic life skill to recognise if and when it comes to visit in the future.

Our financial status is unique to us. The sense, or reality, that you can’t earn more than a certain figure, that your savings grow to a point then disappear through debt or incoming costs. Building of wealth then the loss of it, over and over. Feelings of financial lack.
These are all states that example your belief around money. Learning to release these numbers and replace them with your desired income, wealth, bank account balances has probably never been more important than now.  But the knowing of the continuous flow of money comes to you easily completely changes your focus. Imagine the freedom of not concerning yourself with the financial demands of life and instead following your dreams.

Week 9. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of discovering and fulfilling one's life purpose in order to feel fulfilled and avoid getting stuck or stagnant.

  • Learning techniques for shifting energy and breaking through inertia or indecision to achieve one's goals and live a purposeful life.

  • Recognising and changing limiting beliefs around money, such as the belief that you can only earn a certain amount or that wealth is fleeting, in order to attract abundance and financial freedom.

  • Developing a mindset of abundance and focusing on the continuous flow of money, which can lead to a sense of financial security and allow for pursuing one's dreams.

Week 10. The Art of ‘No’
This week will focus on the art of NO.  One of the smallest words in the dictionary but amazingly so many have trouble saying it.
Fear of the future and the unknown have been so prevalent over the last few years.
And the ‘You must or else’ has become part of the human condition to the point where all else falls away. Your discernment, your sense of self power and feelings of being in control have been tipped completely off kilter and life has become fear driven for so many.
This week will be teachings around how to create your world in the way you feel is right for you without falling victim to the demands of world conditions.

Week 10. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of saying "no" and how it can help in creating a better life for oneself.

  • Recognising the fear of the future and unknown that has become prevalent in recent years and its impact on decision making.

  • Developing discernment and self-power to take control of one's life and not fall victim to external demands.

  • Learning how to create one's own world based on personal values and beliefs.

Week 11. Re-defining the ageing process
This week’s focus is on redeeming the age process. Teachings on why you age in the way you do and strategies and processes for ageing in a way that suits you.  Denying illness and how not to buy into the dictates of the past generations around the process.  Doing it your way.
As part of this months teachings you will receive two Certified Shungite phone plates to further assist you in keeping healthy and free from the negative influences in our environment.

Week 11. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the ageing process and why we age the way we do.

  • Learning strategies and processes for ageing in a way that suits you.

  • Being able to deny illness and not buy into the negative beliefs and expectations of past generations around ageing.

  • Knowing how to take control of your ageing process and do it your way.

  • Discovering the benefits of Shungite and how it can help keep you young, healthy, and free from negative influences.

Week 12. Happiness
This week focus is on happiness and how to accomplish and live it. Surprisingly I have found with many of my clients when I ask them to define their happiness they simply can’t. They know they want it, but what that looks like evades them. Your vibration will rule your life and what comes to you, good and bad and ensuring that vibration is at least humming along nicely most of the time is your most important tool.

Week 12. Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of defining happiness for oneself.

  • Recognising that one's vibration affects what comes into their life.

  • Learning tools and strategies for maintaining a positive vibration.

  • Exploring the connection between happiness and overall life satisfaction.

  • Reflecting on what brings true happiness and fulfillment in life.

Feedback from current Year of You Participants

"I’ve participated in many of Penny’s trainings and courses over the years. And I’ve learnt a huge amount from Penny, but this course has totally blown me away with its capacity for massive personal transformation
Penny’s dedication to this programme is evident in all that we do. Penny is highly intuitive and has a deep understanding of how energy (and life) works.  These qualities combined with her faith and determination that we will succeed makes her the most incredible and formidable mentor.  
I’m already setting and manifesting my intentions with a whole new level of success. I’m also tuning in energetically to myself, my clients, community and environment with a much greater level of awareness and subtlety.
I’ve got greater clarity around what’s important to me in my life and I’m now I’m in the process of aligning my life to match. Getting clear about aspects of my life that are no longer serving me and places where the energy is mis-aligned has been hugely empowering.
This course gets the A+++ from me!"

RM, Bay of Penty

"I totally recommend the course with Penny. We have been going for about a month and quite frankly I can't believe the shift already (and I have more of Penny goodness, wisdom, and support to go!) A month ago I was waking in the night worried about money, panicking when I saw an empty calendar for the week ahead. I watched my bank account go down and down... more panic. I would wake in the morning and feel like shutting out the world and going back to sleep so I didn't have to deal with my day.

Now a month on... WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I get up, and I am enthusiastic about the day ahead, work is picking up, and setting intentions each day has been awesome. Big and small miracles are happening every day. On waking, I plan with the universe what I expect and my intent, then I go make it happen... seriously it's like magic! I follow Pennys guidance and do the energy exercises, I keep an eye on my feelings/frequency. And it all works out. I don't worry about money, and it comes in, my calendar is booking up, so no more panicking about work in the coming weeks.

Apart from all the blocks that have been released, Penny also has a great business mind and encouraged me to see where else I could work with my skills. So I am currently making another branch to my business. Thanks so much Penny! "

N.S Tauranga

Course Fee and Payment Options

The course fee is $1395. To enrol just click here to be taken to the payment processing page. You have the option of purchasing your course in one payment or using our Afterpay service for payment plan options. Afterpay terms and conditions apply. For full details please visit 

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