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We are Energetic Beings, therefore the Answer can Only Lie in our Energy


This 3 hour session is available both in clinic and remotely and incorporates multiple healing modalities that may be needed to have you resurface from crisis, historical or present, or find clarity and purpose after change. 


It will consist of 


  • An Spiritual Energy Healing that covers All aspects involved in the healing described in the service description 

  • Personal Tarot reading

  • Intuitive counselling to determine the why of what you are experiencing and finding effective strategies to clear your future path

  • Past relationship clearing 

  • EMF testing and removal

  • Personalised homework for your ongoing healing 

  • When done remotely, the video call aspect of this session will be 2 hours, with the healing done remotely after completion of the call.



RESCUE Intensive Session

  • About this Service

    Location - Remote or at Pennys Clinic in Manly, Auckland

    Duration - 3 Hours

    Cost - $320

    Available Days - By Appointment

    Contact Penny Here if you have not already confirmed an appointment date and time.


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