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JODO Body Oil with Pure Essential Oils by Indy Naturals


Specifically created for men, but very often borrowed by women, combined with the Jodo Blend this duo set of oils has two very individual purposes. With a base of Pure Blue and White Lotus Essential Oils both Jodo and Vandi bring a calming, relaxing effect. As an added bonus this combination of oils also contain strong natural aphrodisiac properties.


Jodo's difference from Vandi comes from the addition of Pure Vetiver and Rose Essential Oil. a It has the name of The Earth due to its grounding capabilities. This oil acts as a sedative to calm the body and Spirit. It has the ability to empty the mind completely of all the chaos and just allow some peaceful downtime. It leaves you feeling grounded and at ease with the world. The positive properties of these oils are lengthy, enjoyable and beneficial as spiritual assistance for our men.  See also VANDI 

JODO Pure Essential Oil Blend by Penny Green

  • The Jodo Blend

    Pure White Lotus Essential Oil

    Pure Blue Lotus Essential Oil 

    Pure Vetiver Essential Oil

    Pure Rose Essential Oil 

  • How To Use

    Apply as required to neck, back of head and forehead as desired and when you need to calm your mind and soul to empty yourself of persistent, irritating or confronting thoughts. Cup hands over nose and inhale the aroma deeply with each use. 

  • Important Please Read

    Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if taking Diabetes medication as Lotus essential oils may  lower blood sugar levels. If in any doubt consult a GP before use. Use as directed. For External Use Only. Avoid contact with eyes, broken or sensitive skin. Keep out of Reach of Children. Always Patch test first to test for individual sensitivities.  Store in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight.

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