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Just as our energy systems become polluted and corrupted by unwelcome energies so can our homes and places of work and business. 


The build up of negative energy from events, experiences, illness, arguments, personal tragedy can lead to those residing and working within the space to be affected in different ways.


Business decline and problematic staff issues, conflict, financial problems, or just a sense of unrest. These are just a few of the obvious symptoms of  something energetic being amiss within your business.


Technology breakdowns being another. 


In the home, it may turn up as financial issues, ongoing illness conflict within the family, sleep issues, an unexplained sense of sadness, anger or despair. 


Some properties may have had the energy sitting within them for decades, echoes of past owners being passed down to all that live there. You will all know that one house that is sold over and over due to financial problems, or relationship breakups, all created through the energy that is sitting stagnant within the property. 


Most houses are just overwhelmed with emotional energy, but some do have dark or misguided energies that have taken up residence or been bought in by others that will make themselves known to you by way of throwing things off kilter. 

Whatever it is, having your home or business cleared should be a matter of course, as with your six monthly or yearly medical check up, your home needs the same attention, clearing out the old disrupted, dysfunctional energy and replacing it with a fresh new uncorrupted flow to allow those that reside or work there the opportunity to do well unhindered. 


Houses that have been cleared sell faster and more easily simply because prospective buyers are not walking away ‘feeling’ the negative energy they experience when viewing. When buying a property having it cleared will allow a fresh start without the emotional energy of past owners playing a part in your future. 


The results are swift and will always pave the way for a better experience.



Home or Building Clearing

  • About this Service

    Location - On site at your home or business or Remote

    Duration - 2 Hours

    Cost - $250

    Available Days - By Appointment

    *The cost of this service includes travel time within a 20km radius of Manly If you require onsite attendance outside of this area just give Penny a call on 021 075 8265

    Contact Penny Here if you have not already confirmed an appointment date and time.


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