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This 2 hour session is for those wanting to understand why they are experiencing the issues they are, whether that be ongoing health issues, bad relationships, financial struggles, or are carrying past trauma they are ready to release.

Intuitive counselling quickly and effectively determines the cause of any distress, dysfunction blocking your happiness and gives solutions and practical strategies to better your world.

It is my very firm belief that good healing is about transformational change. Getting to the core of what has become a challenging issue for in your health, wellbeing or happiness is the first step to making that change.  

The longer session is recommended for your first visit with me, and/or you need assistance and support to firstly understand and conquer new or ongoing issues in your life.  This session incorporates both the intuitive counselling required to help you find your feet and a full healing

 as described in the Spiritual Energy Healing Session.

Intuitive Counselling & Spiritual Healing Session

  • About this Service

    Location - Remote or at Pennys Clinic in Manly, Auckland

    Duration - 2 Hours

    Cost - $225

    Available Days - By Appointment

    Contact Penny Here if you have not already confirmed an appointment date and time.


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