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Genuine Shungite Phone Plates. Suitable in size for cell phones and other small wifi and wireless  electronic devices such baby monitors and headphones. Each plate measures 1.5cm by 2.5cm and are a few milimeters thick. Each plate features secure 3M backing tape with a strong adhesive to affix to your phone.


The plates can be placed directly onto the phone or phone covers. For plates for larger devices please see our tablet and laptop plate selection which are also suitable for Smart TV's and other larger connected electronic devices.


All of our Shungite is sourced directly from authorised extractors working at the Zazhoginskoye Deposit located in Keralia, Russia.  Once in New Zealand we individually certify every piece as Genuine to provide our guarantee to you that the Shungite your purchase from Certified Shungite is genuine and of high quality.










Genuine Certified Shungite Phone Plates