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Emotional Freedom Workshop Saturday 19th June. Tauranga  


This workshop has been created to assist you with those Emotions that are constantly stopping you getting where you want to be

In that fulfilling relationship

Financially Free

Creating the best of everything for yourself. 


Is it time to

Lose the fear that holds you back from finding the perfect job. 

Lose the anger that sits within you on a daily basis without you understanding the why of it. 


Your emotional state and those same repetitive responses you have to life will determine everything.

Your relationships

Your health

Your income

Your creativity 


Is it time to draw the line in the sand and step over it into a better, freer, easier way of living… 


Up to you.

Emotional Freedom Workshop

  • What You Need to Know

    When: Saturday 19th June

    Venue:Will reflect numbers and is to be advised, but it will definitely be in Tauranga

    Time: 9am to 4pm

    Cost $125.00 

    Morning tea and light lunch included

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