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Where do you feel that itch for change?

I always know it’s time to make change within my life by the way I feel. If I’m waking and I feel that drag of ho-hum, or even the desire to roll over and ignore the day, then it’s the Universe banging at the door reminding me that I’m not here to be unhappy.

The need for Change is signalled differently for everyone, but the common denominator will always be FELT, that emotional vibration. How do I feel in this moment, this day, this job, relationship, financial state, this repeated experience. This life of Mine.

Unfortunately we have for the most part had the ‘how do I  honestly feel’ programmed out of us, being replaced by the need to over think, being our go to. And the problem with thinking is it’s totally reliant on past memory, that’s it!!! The information you hold in that bank of past experiences will always govern your next move. Not exactly helpful for creating new is it?

Thinking is just another re-creation of our story, that same repeated theme, habit, response, and narrative we have been living for as long as we can remember.  You are probably tired of it, certainly those around you will know it and be responding to it in ways that you wouldn’t even expect.

Change can be scary for some, but my question is always the same… Is it scarier than waking every morning knowing that you aren’t living the life you desire? Is it?

Learning how to release those inner fears and mistrust of yourself, allows you to not just see the infinite possibilities that are in front of you daily but act on them, fearlessly.  Learning to use your natural intuition and discernment allows you to take your power and control back and stand easily in your truth and on your right path, in your own way.

The 9 week Transformational Journey Course has been developed to focus on the most relevant knowledge and learning that will awaken you to your full potential, a potential you will no longer be afraid to use to the fullest for the  benefit of yourself and those around you.

If you don’t control your life, Someone else will…


The course is held via Zoom Call each week commencing Tuesday 3rd October. Sessions run for 2.5hrs

Course Fees are $795 with Afterpay available for those that wish to spread their payments.


Feel free to contact me here or call 021 075 8265 if you would like to discuss any aspect of this course with me.

A 9 Week Transformational Journey

  • Week 1 - Intent

    If we were taught intent and its outcomes from an early age our lives would be looking vastly different.
    When used consciously and well with a full understanding of it, there is nothing that cant be achieved. No limits, no confines, no ceilings.
    Intent is the wisdom we should be passing on to our kids from the day they are born, as it contains our power, our innate magic , and our birthright to live a life of our own design.

    It is most definitely not a goal setting exercise, that is at best a wishy washy approach to creation, Intent is the overriding energy of life, and at present, chances are you are holding a power you are not consciously aware of, and so has become like that unguided missile, who knows where it will end up taking you.

    We will start the course with the learning of controlling, directing and creating your intent, what ever that is. And if you don’t know, then I will help you find it.  Financial, relationship, a new home, car, travel, career, discovery is always so exciting.

    So if you are wanting to know where you will be, and what your life will look like in 6 months, 12 months, 5 years, on your terms then intent is the knowledge you need a good firm grasp over.

  • Week 2 - Trauma and It’s Release

    Without even noticing you will be spending a great deal of your time in any given day defending or protecting yourself.  Lying, to yourself and others, people pleasing, being aggressive or angry, avoiding conflict, blaming yourself  others for any imperfection, and even getting unwell, yes illness and injury are most definitely a way we can protect ourselves from the world.  

    We tend to think of trauma as those moments of extreme life changing crisis. The truth is that trauma and it’s negative outcomes lie in even, what could be considered as the mundane day to day events that we have all encountered since birth.

    These events and experiences, big and small,  form our personality, our unconscious response to the world and our success or failures can depend very much on even the smallest of past traumatic experiences .  

    Our unconscious and persistent need to defend and protect ourselves is entirely based on what we have taken on about ourselves and how we need to behave through these ‘traumas’.

    They are what inevitably create our self worth, our fears, self doubts, our every action and decision.   They most certainly create our financial and relationship status.

    Week 2 of the course will be understanding the process that occurs when you come up against trauma and how that has impacted you personally. You will learn how to self identify the aspects of your life that the trauma energy is still holding you back and gain understanding about what aspects of your life are being negatively affected by past events.

     Releasing your fears and lack of self worth and self trust,  of failure, success, conflict, along with all of those endless damaging self beliefs, creates freedom, a freedom that will allow you to find your right life without succumbing to that feeling of doubt and the need to put the world before yourself.

    Finding out who you are without your fear, that is life changing.

  • Week 3 - Understand and Working with Energy

    To say ‘we are all energy’ and to truly understand that statement is evidenced by the way we live.
    Every situation, experience, colour, emotion, feeling and thought, and of course the human body and its auric field are made up of Energy. All just different vibrations and frequencies.
    Clairvoyance, intuition, reading Aura, psychometry (the reading of that energy from personal items, photos etc) are all aspects of understanding, and remembering how to read energy and make it work for you instead of against you on a day to day basis.
    Understanding how to use energy well is at the very root of true transformation of your life.
    Week 3 will teach you how to read your life, the energy of it, of people, places and experiences. To fully understand the nature and working of Energy, psychometry, aura, although all these things make for great and magical skills, they will allow you the opportunity to take control back and work with the real truth of your environment and navigate it safely.

  • Week 4 - The Spiritual Laws

    The word ‘law’ often signals the need for others to tell you how to live your life, and no one wants that. In fact sometimes it can be a target to push against.
    The Spiritual laws, offer up the opposite. Understanding the few that are there gives you a direct link to your freedom and control of your life.  And aware of them or not they are impacting your life daily, right now, so learning to fully understand and live with them gives you the choice of direction, creation and freedom.
    I often say life is easy, and when you follow and trust the process it is.

    This weeks focus is on the power of your vibration and how it impacts your entire world on a minute by minute basis, and an introduction to the Spiritual laws and how to make them work for you.

  • Week 5 - Chakra

    Keeping the body and mind in balance in these interesting times can challenge us every day.  Most of our moments are spent living at top speed, with sitting still and just being no longer coming easily to a lot.
    We have 9 Energy systems within this miraculous vehicle that keeps us moving through life, all changing on a day to day basis depending on our emotional state. Where we vibrate at, how stressed we feel, what we have encountered in our day.  To me, if I am feeling out of kilter mentally, physically, Spiritually or emotionally my first go to is the Chakra.  Not always, but a lot of the time, clearing and balancing these magical pools of energy can shift and heal some pretty notable issues.

    If your Root Chakra is unbalanced you may experience anything from restless legs, chronic fatigue, feelings of guilt,  to panic attacks, this lowest chakra governs how you eat, money, family, your fight or flight response, your connection to the planet.  And that is just part of the impact of one of your seven Chakras.

    We tend to look for answers to our distress and disease in chemicals and counselling when sometimes, it really is just that energy blockage.

    Week 5 will be about gaining a full understanding of the chakras, their layers and themes.
    What the symptoms of unbalance are in each of the Chakras
    How to strengthen and balance the Chakra.

    Access to my online Chakra Course, which includes over 35 minutes of instructional video and an 48 page PDF that includes full descriptions  training, tapping for chakras and affirmations.