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Where do you feel that itch for change?

I always know it’s time to make change within my life by the way I feel. If I’m waking and I feel that drag of ho-hum, or even the desire to roll over and ignore the day, then it’s the Universe banging at the door reminding me that I’m not here to be unhappy.

The need for Change is signalled differently for everyone, but the common denominator will always be FELT, that emotional vibration. How do I feel in this moment, this day, this job, relationship, financial state, this repeated experience. This life of Mine.

Unfortunately we have for the most part had the ‘how do I  honestly feel’ programmed out of us, being replaced by the need to over think, being our go to. And the problem with thinking is it’s totally reliant on past memory, that’s it!!! The information you hold in that bank of past experiences will always govern your next move.
Not exactly helpful for creating new is it.

Thinking is just another re-creation of our story, that same repeated theme, habit, response, and narrative we have been living for as long as we can remember.  You are probably tired of it, certainly those around you will know it and be responding to it in ways that you wouldn’t even expect.

Change can be scary for some, but my question is always the same… Is it scarier than waking every morning knowing that you aren’t living the life you desire?

Is it?

Learning how to release those inner fears and mistrust of yourself, allows you to not just see the infinite possibilities that are in front of you daily but act on them, fearlessly.  Learning to use your natural intuition and discernment allows you to take your power and control back and stand easily in your truth and on your right path, in your own way.

The 9 week Transformational Journey Course has been developed to focus on the most relevant knowledge and learning that will awaken you to your full potential, a potential you will no longer be afraid to use to the fullest for the  benefit of yourself and those around you.

If you don’t control your life, Someone else will…

9 weeks of content that, after thousands of consultations with clients has proven to be the most needed for that effective, easy transformational change to take place.


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9 Week Life Mastery Course - Starts 2nd July

  • Summary of Weekly Course Content

    Week 1: Intent - Understanding the power of intent, how to consciously direct and create your intent towards your desired goals, whether financial, relationships, career, or personal discovery.

    Week 2: Trauma and Its Release - Understanding how past traumas, both major and minor, shape our personalities, unconscious responses, and self-beliefs, and learning to identify and release the negative impacts of these traumas.

    Week 3: Understanding and Working with Energy - Learning to read and work with different forms of energy, including auras, psychometry, and intuition, to gain control and navigate life more effectively.

    Week 4: The Spiritual Laws - Exploring the spiritual laws that govern our lives and learning to understand and apply them for greater freedom, direction, and creation.

    Week 5: Chakras - Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the chakras, their functions, symptoms of imbalance, and techniques for strengthening and balancing them.

    Week 6: Mindfulness Process for Positive Change - A three-part process to shift energy and alleviate feelings of being stuck, enabling positive change in life.

    Week 7: Understanding the Complex Energy of Love - Learning about the involuntary stress responses in love relationships and how to navigate them for harmony and understanding.

    Week 8: Relationships and Sex - Exploring techniques for creating better relationships, addressing relationship challenges, and enhancing intimacy and sexuality.

    Week 9: The Art and Wisdom of No - Learning the importance and practice of saying "no" to things that do not honour or serve our highest good, and the freedom that comes with wise discernment.

  • Dates and times of classes

    The next course starts on Tuesday 2nd July with online classes hosted each week by Penny. Classes are held in the evenings at 7pm via Zoom call.  

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