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Welcome to Pennys Video's, Words and Wisdom. Here you will find resources that you can tap into whenever you need knowledge and guidance. 

Relief for Stress and Anxiety - June 2024

With the impact of the busyness and sometimes chaotic life style we are all leading our energy systems can very quickly become unbalanced, blocked or just sluggish. This routine will boost and restore your energy creating resilience and new strength.

Your immune system will become stronger and you will be more grounded.

Tapping on the body points, also known as meridian tapping, is a technique that can be used to improve your overall health and well-being. By stimulating your meridian points, you can boost your energy levels, ground you, get better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen your immune system.

Some of the exercises will focus your mind. You feel less chaotic, think more clearly, learn easily, and gain a better perspective of life. Mental congestion will ease, and my personal experience with clients has shown that even that migraine will disappear. It will sharpen your memory and allow inspiration in.

The exercises will help protect you from negative energies that you may encounter in the day, boost your confidence, and centre you.

Balancing the triple warmer meridian, and optimising the function of the vagus nerve, can have a profound impact on our stress levels, and our ability to manage stress. As well as assist in releasing  trauma from your body.

Energy exercises have been around in some form for thousands of years across many cultures. If your energy is running well, unhindered then you will experience good health and well-being. A higher vibrational mood and clear thinking.  I suggest you do the exercises twice a day to start. Play the video below to view the exercises.


Root Chakra Meditation and Sound Healing

Click on the video box to listen to Vagus Nerve Meditation and Sound Healing

Vagus Nerve Meditation and Sound Healing

Click on the video box to listen to Vagus Nerve Meditation and Sound Healing

Self Energy Testing.

Click on the video box to view the Pennys Video "An accurate way to self energy test."


A short video on how to rediscover how to trust in yourself.

Magnetic Water

Click on the video box to watch Penny explain Magnetic Water

Root Chakra Sound Healing

Performed by Penny Green

FOCUS Magazine Interview 

Dee Collins interviews Penny Green


Click on the video box to view the Pennys "Overthinking" Video.

The Law of Expectation

Click on the video box to listen to Penny explain the Law of Expectation.

Tapping Meditation - Releasing Anxiety from the Heart 

Written by Dr Ally Parkes and Presented by Penny Green

A video by Penny Green on how Life Responds to Your Emotional Vibration. Find the emotional Vibrational chart as a downloadable .pdf here

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